The next generation counters

Steal the show during your next promotion or event
Digital counter Futuro


Explore the features of the innovative Digital Counter.

Frame produced
in EU
Samsung screen
4K screen
Stable aluminium
horizontal & vertical
Customise the
print on the sides
Storing space
inside with shelf

See that perfection


The future of counters is here. The use and convenience of a counter combined with a digital screen for a next level presentation. With the Digital Counter the best of both worlds are coming together. Premium counter with a digital presentation in landscape or portrait orientation

Plug and Play

Easily change your content by use of an USB-stick or Samsung content management software

Get full exposure

Get great exposure for your brand or product during events, in shops, in your reception, showroom or horeca establishment

Full brand experience

Bring your brand experience to the next level and steal the show with a digital presentation

Customise your counter

The counter comes standard with black fabric prints (SEG) on the sides. You can customise these with branding or logo printing and change anytime with a new set of prints.

Promo video

View all highlights of the Digital Counter in one video.

Instructional video

In this video:

  • How to assemble the counter
  • Plug and play instruction of the screen

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd and impress your visitors during your next event, in your store, showroom, company reception hall or horeca establishment.



Aluminium black powdercoated frame
QMC 55" Samsung screen
QMC 32" Samsung screen
Incredible 4K
picture quality
2 years warranty
Samsung Content
management software
Horizontal: 134,5 x 92,8 x 40,5 cm
Vertical: 72 x 92,8 x 44,5 cm
Horizontal: 45,5 KG
Vertical: 23,1 KG
WiFi and bluetooth build-in
Entrance for USB-stick
Aluminium shelf included
Silicone-Edge-Graphics on the sides
Packed in 3 boxes
Plug & Play
MagicINFO Cloud (optional)